Company Overview

Founded since 1999, Anewtech Systems grew to become one of the most successful integrated platform solutions provider in S.E. Asia. Today, we have expanded into Malaysia and Vietnam, providing the region’s industries with highly reliable industrial computing platforms.  With our extensive product ranges and customer-centric design services, Anewtech Systems is your most trustworthy partner to empower numerous innovations to propel your business forward.   

Anewtech specialization lies in providing innovative and cost-effective industrial and embedded computing solutions. We contract manufacture customized rackmount industrial computer for telecommunications, broadcast, semi-con production test equipment, storage servers, network appliance for firewall and panel PC for versatile applications.

integrated manufacturing services integrated manufacturing design
Our range of high-quality, highperformance industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals has been implemented in thousands of applications and all recognized for its reliability.

OEM/ Customization Services

Putting our superior knowledge and product know-how, we offer complete “tailor-made” solutions to meet the requirements of clients seeking customized products in small to medium quantities with fast time-to-market turnaround. Our expertise and experience lies in design implementation, quick prototyping, on-time delivery and RMA/ repairing services to our clients.

OEM/ODM embedded pc industrial pc

Professional Product Development Team
We understand the diversity in new project ideas and to provide you with the most available options, we have designers and engineers with expertise in a wide range of areas, including:

System Design
Our in-house design engineers first combine market intelligence and technical expertise to help clients pinpoint the product concept; and creates a prototype for the design with the necessary specifications. All mass production would be based on the derived prototype. Every OEM/ ODM project follows strict quality control and component testing procedures.  To ensure the highest quality, our experienced technical engineers perform the respective tests on all systems upon completion.

Software Design
We provide clients with top-notch custom applications; our experienced software developers work closely with our clients to determine their needs and deliver innovative and practical solutions. 

Other services
ROHS, FCC, CE, ISO certifications
- Custom store branding requests