Solution Integrated Services
Anewtech Solutions Integrated Services provides "solution center" which turns customer ideas into commercial products. From design, manufacturing, validation, and procurement, to RMA and other services support, Anewtech helps the customer's product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Customization Services anewtech systems malaysia - add-on-card-module anewtech-systems-malaysia-computer-board anewtech systems malaysia-industrial chassis      
Add-on Card/ Module Computer Board Computer Chassis      
Value-Added Services    
Validation Procurement Assembly Logistic    
Vertical Market Solutions anewtech systems malaysia-network security appliance anewtech systems malaysia-digital signage anewtech systems malaysia industrial-computer anewtech system malaysia - dvr-cctv anewtech malaysia hmi  
Industrial Computing Digital Video Surveillance Human Machine Interface  

Advantages of Solution Integration Services
• Local design and assembly
• Trouble-free & reliable configuration
• Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
• Total cost reduction

Different Product Offerings to Fulfill Your Requirements
• Boot-up with customer's logo
• Custom CMOS settings
• BOM component depopulation

• Chassis mechanical customization
• External design customization
(color, logo and name)
• Wide-temperature testing process
• Customized packing carton
• System assembly and testing
• Solution-oriented design service
• One-stop end-to-end assembly
• Software ready integrated
• Experienced program management • Valued-add services from validation, certification, and extended service