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BVS001M (P/N: BVS UR-3-001-E)

BVS UR-3-001-E, Series Universal, LED, red light, PNP (2x), Ethernet 10/100 Base T. RS232 (9.6…115.2 kBaud), Working range 50…1000 mm, Field of view min. 24 x 18 mm, Field of view max. 480 x 360 mm, Focal distance 8.0 mm


  • Version: BVS-E Universal
  • Series: Series Universal
  • Interface: Ethernet 10/100 Base T
  • RS232 . (9.6…115.2 kBaud)
  • Lens: Focal distance 8.0 mm
  • Light type: LED, red light
  • Field of view min.: 24 x 18 mm
  • Field of view max.: 480 x 360 mm
  • Working range: 50…1000 mm


Vision Sensors Standard  BVS001M (P/N: BVS UR-3-001-E)
Vision Sensor Universal applicationss include part presence checks, reading and verifying codes to demanding part positioning applications. The new powerful 360° contour match tools allow for the locating, verifying and counting of rotated parts in application. The detected part location can then be transmitted to a PLC or Robot using the built in communication interface.

Vision Sensor Universal Main applications:
Versatile tools for 360°error proofing, code reading, process control and part positioning

Benefits of Vision Sensor Universal:
- Precisely locate and verify your part with 360° contour based tools
- Position and processing results available via RS232 or TCP/IP
- One versatile sensor with all functions

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