Industrial Tablet PC
The rugged tablet PC is designed to withstand rough treatment and daily rigors of field use. It can be installed in-plant, in-vehicle or in remote outdoor locations for applications in heavy construction, transportation and warehousing.
Vehicle Computer
Fanless and compact vehicle mounted computer for a wide range vehicle applications.The radio options and programmable function keys make vehicle PC suitable for delivery, fleet management and warehousing/logistics applications.
Industrial PDA
Rugged PDA with TI Cortex A8 OMAP or ARM 11 650MHz Processor. OS include Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Android. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Optional 3G, RFID and Barcode Reader.
Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS)
The Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner brings 2D and 1D wireless bar code scanning without sacrificing performance, making the barcode scanner an excellent general purpose data collection solution for the mobile workforce