Embedded Disk Card
Embedded Disk Card allows simple and fast path upgrades, for industrial applications complies with PCMCIA* ATA standards and fits into all platforms with an IDE connector.
CompactFlash Card
Industrial CompactFlash Card (iCF) are designed for mobile computing and the industrial workplace. iCF also feature an extremely lightweight and reliable low-profile form factor.
2.5" SATA SSDs are designed for different industrial applications. The SSD comes in SLC and MLC types, and support PATA/IDE 44 pin, SATA III
1.8" SATA SSD designed for different industrial applications. It comes in SLC and MLC types, and support PATA/IDE 44 pin, SATA III
SATADOM with exclusive Pin 7 VCC built-in, which simplifies motherboard design. SATADOM supports the SATA III interface with faster data transfer rates.
By using ServerDOM as a boot drive, there is more space for hot-swappable data storage. ServerDOM is designed with SATAIII interface and compliant with server grade standard, such as supporting for Intel RSTe.
CF-SATA has excellent data transfer speed and the same mechanical design as the CompactFlash card. It becomes compliant with Serial ATA by extracting the unused pin from the CF50 pins and replacing it with the SATA interface.
mSATA is a low-profile interface connector, also known as a Mini-SATA. It enables a SATA to effectively integrate into a small form-factor drive. It can also be integrated into a wide variety of the hard drive and SSD used in compact devices.
SATA Slim is compliant with the JEDEC SFF-8156 standard form factor and ATA protocol. It does not require drivers, can be configured as a boot device or a data storage device.
Embedded Peripheral
A wide range of storage interface including PCIe/SATA/USB/PATA/SD allow system integrators to expand or convert interfaces in embedded system.