Hubport-7   Hubport/7 (Model: 301-2010-07)

7-port switched USB hub
(AC powered)
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- Industrial 7-ports USB 1.1 hubs
- Switched USB for maximum performance on all ports
- Locking power connector

Hubport offers a simple solution for adding switched Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports to a PC, server or thin client. This external, user installable solution plugs into an existing USB port to provide seven additional USB ports in a compact chassis for instant peripheral device connectivity. The switched USB architecture guarantees maximum performance on all ports simultaneously.

Use the Hubport to connect USB peripheral devices such as printers, mice or scales, as well as to stack and power additional Digi solutions like Edgeport USB-to-serial converters and Rapidport/4 USB modem banks for added flexibility.

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