Customer Survey System

Customer Survey System has emerged as by far the best method of periodically assessing the customer satisfaction. Survey System allows customer to provide immediate feedback about their experience, which is Ideal for service counter applications such as hospital, banking and hospitality.

iSurvey-Signage is a 4.3" Touch Panel PC preloaded with Customer Survey and Signage Application

Customer survey system (/ / ) is a industrial grade touch Panel PC preloaded with customer survey application. Default language is English, customers can choose their preferred language to start the survey. Once customers complete the survey, the survey results send to backend server via Wi-Fi/ LAN. The survey system continues to play advertisements until next customer touches the screen to start a new survey.

Customer Satisfaction Rating System

Statistics are automatically tabulated and presented in an easy to read graphical format in real time.  The report can be exported in Ms Excel Format and is set up to be delivered directly via email, providing key performance indicator (KPI) information straight to management.

 Survey System
Size / /
OS Windows Embedded 7 Standard
Network RJ45 or Wi-Fi
Survey Software
LanguageEnglish + 3 others
No. of QuestionMaximum 10 questions
No. of Answer (icon) Maximum 5 icons (support 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 icons)
2nd -level Question Maximum 5 answers (Answer in text format)
Report Format Excel
Advertisement Images only (jpg/ jpeg/ png)
Survey Cloud
CloudAnewtech Cloud Database Management
Survey system provides the customer satisfaction report in real-time and is crucial for management to identify the area for improvement. With guidance from management, employees proceed to make changes that will help to switch unhappy customers to happy customers. customer-survey-system
High customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects in the form of reduced negative word of mouth and increase in the number of loyal customers. In an era of high competition and expectations, customer satisfaction surveys are essential tools in gaining insight about the customer satisfaction levels.

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