Factory Automation

Machine automation is made up of a combination of PLC controller, HMI control panel, and numerous I/Os, relays, sensors, and counters. Anewtech offers a wide range of HMI products for machine automation needs, including: ,, , , and Camera.

Human Machine interface
Machine builder requires a reliable that allows Ethernet-based devices to communicate at the system (machine) level, as well as port out to the factory floor to integrate with other process machinery. allows reliable and high speed data transfer to remote control center.

Automatic Identification Application
, QTS gateway (operating system designed especially for IEI Industrial PC and fully integrated the QNAP NAS operating system ) connects with / / to collect data which can be sent to machines and alarm systems on the production line in real-time by running programs on VM through Virtualization Station.

Featured Products:

From fanless palm-size to rich-expansion cloud-based embedded PC

IP64/65/66/67/69 Industrial Touch Panel PC and Display

Industrial communication for all of your industrial networking needs

consist of RFID reader, processor unit and RFID Tag that read and store data

Support Android, I/O interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP

USB 3.0 Industrial camera with Aptina global shutter CMOS sensor

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