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The , , and server chassis are designed with enterprise-class chipsets and cutting edge technology, support dual processors, multi core processors, hot-swap, and buffered memory to maximize computing productivity. Ideal for performance-demanding applications and server systems.

Industrial Server Chassis:

, and high-density server chassis compatible with different form factors, has a redundant power supply design, hot-swap SATA/SAS hard drives, and cooling fans that deliver 24/7 non-stop operation. The server chassis provides big storage capacity and redundant power supplies to benefit industrial applications for critical tasks. is a 2U Intel Xeon E5-2600(v2) GPU server, Supporting 4 x PCIe x16 double-deck card + 1 x PCIe x8 FH/HL card.

Industrial Serverboard:

Industrial grade ensure reliability, redundancy and long lifetime supply. The server boards provide reliable multi-core services. design allows for versatile expansion module options to the extended ATX (EATX) motherboard.

EATX and ATX Serverboards feature dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 sockets and DDR4 2133 frequency support. They offer high-efficiency performance, with up to 35% power savings compared to DDR3L, and up to 50% at 3 DPC configurations, as well as a 50% bandwidth performance boost.

Storage Server:

Demands of storage subsystem continue to grow due to rapidly increasing emergency applications, such as Video-On-Demand service, intelligent surveillance and data-intensive analysis. To meet these challenges, an Industrial-level storage system is preferable to offer high reliability, quick capacity expansion, easy deployment and efficient management functions for protecting long-term investments for the enterprises.

provides maximum capacity and performance in minimal space, ideal for use in Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud Computing environments. With Double-Sided Storage architecture, drives can be stacked and packed in the front and rear of the server chassis for ultimate storage density. With hot-swappable drives, high-efficiency power supplies and cooling fans, these systems provide high-availability and easy maintenance.

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